No sound
1. Do you connect to an amplifier like home audio receiver or pa system.this is a dynamic microphone, must need a device with amp to boost the sound level and output to the spaeker.
2. Both mic can't get sound or only one mic?
3. on WM200/WM400 does RF/AF light flash?
4. on WM333/WM333B does the ANT sign on the screen show up and flash?
Rule out:
use other good mic head replace the good one, does the issue go

Signal drop cut in and out
Now due to new FCC rules, a lot of device work in 500MHz,so might get interference.
1. Does it happen episodic or persistent?
2. Replace the antenna with good side one, does the issue go away
3. for WM333 ,change the frequency channel, at lease 5 units, does the issue go away.
normally cause by the antenna or interference.

Poor contact due to oxidation of the antenna terminal.------Replace

other deivce use same frequency, turn off all wireless deivce then try again.

How do I connect this mic to TV?

if you want to set up home karaoke, pls check that

1 you have home audio system, including home auio receiver and speaker

2 the TV is new model have optional output, or old model have RCA outpout

you will need 2 device to help to set up

Digital to analog converter : converter the TV signal to analog signal. so the mixer could identify

Mixer : mix the TV music and mic voice

Why need a mixer?

Because most of the home audio receiver only could receive one audio signal

But if the home audio receiver have MIC 1/4 input jack, then you don't need a mixer


1 Disconnect TV and Audio Recelver with HDMI cable.

   !Or the receiver only receiver TVsound without mic sound

2 Connect TV to mixer with Digital to Analog converter

   Use cable: optional cable, RCA* to RCA*2 or RCA*z to 1/4*2 cable

3 Connect Mic system to Mixer

  Use cable: XLR *4,1/4 audio cable

4 Connect Mixer to Audio Receiver

  Use cable: RCA*2 to RCA*2,or 1/4*2 to RCA*2 cable

5 Connect TV stick directly to TV with HDMI, DO NOT CONNECT TO Audio Receiver.


Can we set up with rack mount?

yes, all the model could install with rack mount

WM200 WM333/WM333B get 2 hole on the side, could install the rack mount  part. and extend antenna cable so you can install the antenna on the front side.